The ISSIMO Fruit Family. How it all started?

The family tradition in the trade of gourmet products inherited by the founders of The ISSIMO Fruit Family (Enric and Oriol) was engraved forever in its DNA.

Fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables and more elaborate products were an important part of the setting of her childhood.

And the Mediterranean has also marked their experiences, diving in their waters or impregnated with snowflakes manufactured a few kilometers as a true product km0.

Both have been nourished by experience. Enric in the field of marketing, market studies and trends in several European countries and Oriol in the sale of various products worldwide.

And now at last, all this accumulated experience, combined with the latent genetic code, hatch in The ISSIMO Fruit Family. Now, they have given the right circumstances so that the effort of both of them begins to bear fruit in an own and very personal initiative.

The interest in fruits and the desire to express new flavors, has led to the creation of 12 unique recipes extracted from natural fruits and spices that evoke flavors from all over the world, but always with the original Mediterranean character of the two founders of Vermutissimo.

Only the last step in this vital story is missing: let everyone enjoy the sensory experience of The ISSIMO Fruit Family, which turns a drink into an exceptional, fruity and low-alcohol cocktail.

Ad Vitam Gaudium!


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