Porpora Itaca

The secret formula that will make a sip take you to another one while sharing your time

The legendary hero Ulysses, king of Ithaca, took 10 years to return to the island after the Trojan War. The long journey gave him the wisdom, spirituality and emotional balance that reflect the purple colour.

The recipe of Porpora Itaca is very rich in spices, this makes each drink savoured and you will not want the moment to ever end.


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  • "Prepare cocktails in a blink."
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Issimo Fruit Family

Unique recipes of natural fruits and spices that are added to a drink to transform it into an exceptional fruity and low-alcohol cocktail. It has twelve different varieties and comes encapsulated to mix it easily with your drink.

The interest in fruits and the desire to express new flavors, has led to the creation of 12 unique recipes extracted from natural fruits and spices that evoke flavors from all over the world, but always with the original Mediterranean character.

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